Opportunity Buyers and Other Mailing Lists

Opportunity Buyers and Seekers Lists  have a minimum order of either 3000 names or, if the list contains less then 3000 names, the size of the list.  In general the standard price in the industry for these lists is $110.00 per thousand names average. Minimums apply and there are shipping and compiling charges also.

All list rentals are for one time use only. Lists have been seeded with decoys to prevent unauthorized reuse. Any full or partial reuse of any kind obligates the customer to payment of the full reuse price of the list. All orders are final, cannot be cancelled and are nonrefundable without special permission, in which case cancellation and other charges may apply. Although DAJ Direct/Dan Jacobs Marketing does its best to provide fresh, responsive names, no guarantee is made either explicitly or implied as to the deliverability or responsiveness of any names or lists provided.

Neither DAJ Direct/Dan Jacobs Marketing nor A.L. Concepts Inc or Robert Jacobs are affiliated with any program represented by the lists on this website. Nor do we have any recommendations or opinions concerning any business opportunity programs, of any type.

To view our lists and look at list descriptions, click on the link below and then click ob the list name to be taken to information about that list

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